Zašto reke vijugaju

Reka teče jer voda na zemljinoj površini uvek prati prirodni gradijent. Sve reke krenu stazom najmanjeg otpora. Krive toka su se prirodno pojavile tokom milenijuma. Ime im je meandri. Autor: ZDF/Terra X/Bilderfest/Florian Breier, Kristijan Stiefenhofer/Michi Kern/Klaus Vach/Tobias Forth/Maik Siegle/Peter Riegel/Lili Vagner/Jochen Šmit Prevod i sinhronizacija: alugha Kliknite ovde da biste videli još video zapisa:

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Fukushima disaster

On March 11, 2011, a seaquake shook the seabed in the Pacific. The following waves flooded the nuclear power plant site. The power supply collapsed. There was a core meltdown and ultimate MCA. Author: ZDF/TerraX/Zeitsprung Pictures/Carl-Ludwig Paeschke/Studio Paeper/Michael Mueller Translation and

Self-sufficient nutrition in Germany

Can Germany support itself without food imports? The good news is that we produce 100 percent or more of our grains, potatoes, meat, milk and cheese in our own country. For vegetarians, however, things could get tight. Author: ZDF/Terra X/Autorenkombinat/Birthe Heer/Tobias Lenz/Dennis Heislitz/Maxi

Whales as CO2 storage

50 million years ago, whales made the ocean their habitat. Today, they are found in almost every ocean and play a crucial role in this ecosystem and also in climate protection. Authors: ZDF/Terra Xpress/Luisa Zech/Tobias Lenz/Sebastian Kerz/Maximilian Mohr Translation and dubbing: alugha Click he