Milk and Meat 2 - Failing at Practicing at Power and Love 1 of 2

I went to the Power and Love conference this past weekend to see what everything is all about. I went with skepticism because of all of the negativity I've heard. I was surprised by how much Biblical truth they spoke and how much passion they had. Here's a video of me totally failing at the prophetic after they asked us to practice. I share this that you can be encouraged by somebody else's failure as they are beginning to practice. This is only the beginning.

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Milk and Meat 6 - Robby Dawkins Prophecy Practice for Brian

On this Wednesday Night's equipping night, Robby did a prophecy for me. He asked for people to stand up. I stood up, and he gave this word. I'm not sure about the 7 year old, but who knows. We'll see. The other stuff was cool. (Thanks to Cadeau for capturing the video)