Последовательность этапов вакцинации от короны

Первая цель - это, прежде всего, защита тех, кто особенно подвержен риску: Люди, которые могут сильно заболеть и умереть от заражения вирусом, или те, кому по работе приходится иметь дело с группами повышенного риска или большим количеством людей. Автор: ZDF/logo/Judith Vehar/Marion Brand/Tim Rizzo/Jochen Schmidt Перевод и редаб: alugha Жми сюда, тут больше видеороликов: https://alugha.com/TerraX

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Environmental impact of cruise ships

NABU has calculated that one cruise ship produces more sulfur dioxide per day than 300 million cars. The particulate matter pollution is equivalent to about one million cars. In addition, one cruise ship produces more carbon dioxide per day than 80,000 cars. On top of that, in many ports there is no

Photosynthesis of trees

With photosynthesis, trees master one of the most important biological processes in the world. With the help of their leaves and the pigment chlorophyll, they produce their own nutrition with just three ingredients, while still producing fresh oxygen. https://www.zdf.de/dokumentation/terra-x/die-fo

What are pesticides?

In Germany, around 1000 crop protection products are registered - such as insecticides or fungicides. A plant protection product consists of a toxic active ingredient and an often toxic co-formulant that makes the product water-soluble, for example. Author: 3sat/nano/DokUtopia Film/Berndt Welz/Seba