GoPro alternative for less than 100 Euros?

Action Videos are always super spectacular and super beautiful to watch and of course its cool to film such a video. But what to do if you neither have a go pro nor the money to buy one. Luckily there are more and more brands which provide cheap action cams - we have tested - is this a real alternative. Lets find out! Technical details and properties: Brand: Instabox Model: Actioncam 1080p30 Waterproof: yes, in the case up to 40 meters Resolution: 1080p 30fps, 720p 60fps Recording time: ca. 1 hour Photo resolution: 14 MP Display: yes Price: ~ € 90,00 Buy here:, our sites & infos: hoTodi | Twitter | Facebook | Google+ | Pinterest | ► alugha | Personal final thought: If you can resist those slow motion you really don’t need to get an expensive GoPro - at the beginning this one does it’s job pretty well.

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