Kofta Güvec / Baked Meatballs with Potato Fans / Ramadan Meal

http://www.sallys-blog.de Small baked meatballs with tomato sauce, kasseri cheese, and baked potato fans. Cast-iron pans: https://sallys-shop.de/auflaufform-mit-brett-rund.html MY PRODUCTS: http://www.sallys-shop.de My stand mixers top offers Kitchenaid & Kenwood: https://sallys-shop.de/kuechenmaschinen.html Sally’s baking book: https://sallys-shop.de/buecher/sallys-classics-klassische-und-moderne-kuchen-und-torten.html Sally’s cookbook: https://sallys-shop.de/buecher/sallys-kochbuch-rezepte-fuer-kinder.html Sanapart: https://sallys-shop.de/san-apart-zum-sahnesteifen.html Vanilla extract: https://sallys-shop.de/vanilleextrakt-natuerliches-vanille-konzentrat-mit-samen.html Original Sally products: https://sallys-shop.de/sallys.html Citrus juicer: https://sallys-shop.de/zitronenpresse.html My sets: https://sallys-shop.de/sets.html My silicone utensils: https://sallys-shop.de/sonstige-werkzeuge.html?cat=69 My name is Sally. I am 28 years old and a teacher. In my spare time, I love to cook and bake. I make cooking and baking videos and I give useful household tips. At least every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, you can look forward to a new video from me! You also find Do It Yourself videos, Sally On Tour and more videos here. Homepage: http://www.sallyswelt.de Shop: http://www.sallys-shop.de Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/sallystortenwelt Instagram: http://instagram.com/sallystortenwelt Blog: http://www.sallys-blog.de Contact me: info@sallystortenwelt.de Sallys Shop GmbH & Co. KG Lindenhofplatz 11 78727 Oberndorf am Neckar Germany

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Chocolaty, creamy milkshake with only a few ingredients. For the sweet cravings from time to time. Recipe: http://www.sallys-blog.de My products: http://www.sallys-shop.de Kenwood best offer: http://sallys-shop.de/kuechenmaschinen/kenwood-cooking-chef Kitchenaid best offer: http://ramershoven.com