How bee honey is produced

From collecting the pollen and nectar to closing the combs in the beehive. This is how bee honey is produced. Author: ZDF/TerraX/Ioanna Engel/ Anna-Lena Neidlinger Translation and dubbing: alugha Click here to see more videos:

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Growing world population

According to United Nations calculations, the world's population cracked the eight-billion threshold for the first time in November 2022. How did humanity get to this point? Author: ZDF/Terra X/Daniela Busch/Julia Bruch/Maximilian Mohr Translation and dubbing: alugha Click here to see more videos

Definition of xenophobia

The term xenophobia comes from Greek. Xenos - means "stranger" but also "guest" - and phobos translates as "fear". Thus, it means fear of the foreign. A dismissive attitude towards the unknown. Author: 3sat/nano/Eva Münstermann,Nicola Burfeindt/Uli Weinlein,Dirk Janßen/tricky Translation and dubbi

Termites - great architects

A termite burrow is an underground maze of tunnels and shafts. The termites dig their burrow in such a way that internal conditions remain constant, even during extreme heat and drought, while providing fresh air to the rooms. Authors: ZDF/Terra X/C. Haak/Nikolai Holzach/Maximilian Mohr Translatio