Green Generation
We’re Green Generation, the climate education resource hub for kids and families. Discover with our animation series how the climate crisis affects the environment and relearn your love for nature. Join the generation that will change the world and help us preserve life on planet Earth! Follow us on social media and help us fight against the climate crisis with education and science! Green Generation, for the generation that will change the world
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Green Generation - Climate Crisis

The Earth has an illness called climate crisis. It causes the extinction of species, desertification and pandemics, and many other natural disasters. This illness has been caused by humans, with our polluting vehicles and industries that cause global warming. Green Generation is the animation serie

Green Generation – Zoonosis

Virus are microscopic organisms that infect animals, pass from one to another and can cause illnesses. Normally, viruses are isolated in the wilderness, but when humans destroy nature and are in contact with wild animals who carry the virus, they can catch it and infect themselves, becoming ill and

Green Generation - Recycling

Recycling is the best way of reusing resources without having to extract more raw materials from the environment. Many every day objects can be recycled into others with a long shelf life: for example, from used glass bottles we can make new bottles and bulb lights. This episode is part of the rewa

How can I support Green Generation on Patreon?

Become a GREEN GENERATION supporter and learn how to help us through PATREON. Green Generation, the animation series for the generation that will change the world Follow us and help us fight with science and facts against the Climate Crisis! Web: Patreon: https://www.p

What is Green Generation?

Do you know what the greenhouse effect is? Or how dinosaurs became extinct? Has anyone ever explained to you what the #ClimateCrisis is? Green Generation is an original #animation series #forkids. An entertaining and educational approach to conservation, which aims to foster love and respect for #