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Matchday vs. Ireland | DANAS S1 E03

Hockey EC in Amsterdam - The Danas are facing Irelands’s team in their last group match. Before the game, we accompanied athletic coach Tillmann Bockhort and team manager Julia walter and we got some … interesting insights. After the game, people sang again and philosophize over chocolate consumptio

The day before | HONAMAS S1 E02

Hockey European Championship in Amsterdam - Day 2 of the hockey EC. After the test match against Poland there was not much on the agenda today. At hotel the players were playing games, chatting, interviewing, watching hockey and regenerating - simply hotel life. The tournament could finally start -

Matchdays vs. Ireland & England | HONAMAS S1 E03

Hockey European Championship in Amsterdam - The European Championship is in full swing. The Honamas finished their first matches against Ireland and England. The start nevertheless went differently than expected. It was difficult and in game 2, the guys were already heavily under pressure. This epis

Test Match vs. Poland | S1 E01 Honamas

Hockey EC in Amsterdam - alugha accompanied Honamas at their last test match against Poland. It was their first match at the renovated Wagener Stadium. But a lot also happened off the pitch: quarrels over coaching zones, smelly shoes, Marco’s birthday and an unmatched male choir. Welcome to the Ho

Matchday vs. England Danas S1 E02

Hockey Championship in Amsterdam-Germany Vs England: A classic. The British were crowned Olympic champions last year in Rio and it has been a long time since a German women's national team defeated England. Are the young, hungry team able to do it this time around- check it out! This video is mul

Matchday vs. Scotland | DANAS S1 E01

Hockey EC in Amsterdam - alugha accompanied Danas at their first group match against Scotland. The team of national coach Jamilon Mülders wrapped the game up convincingly 4:1. And here you can watch everything that happens off pitch. These are our Danas! This video is multilingual thanks to alug