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A Life at Extraordinary Speed: My "Blessing" Named Tourette

How I Learned to Recognise Tourette Syndrome as My Superpower

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From Stigma to Strength: My Journey With Tourette

My life with Tourette Syndrome (TS) is like a journey on undiscovered paths that only I seem to see. This journey began confusing and intimidating but also revealed unexpected beauties and successes. In this post, I want to share my experiences, starting from the first signs of my TS, through the challenges in school and professional life, to the realisation that my "nervous twitches" are an integral part of my personality and success.

On Uncertain Paths: A Child Against the Stream

I felt different from an early age. The tics, as diverse as they were, brought new challenges every day. Particularly harsh was the reaction of my surroundings, especially my father, who hoped the tics would disappear if he just yelled loud enough. In school, I was the target of mockery and often isolated. These challenges shaped me but also revealed that I was more than my tics.

The Unpredictability of Tics

Another aspect of my life with Tourette Syndrome that is often difficult to communicate is the unpredictable nature of my tics. Like the weather pattern of an unknown planet, they change in their combination and intensity. There are days that proceed so 'normally' they almost seem boring, while on other days, my tics are so intense that I choose not to drive or leave my house at all. Some tics carry serious dangers and have led me to actions that could severely injure me. However, over time, I learned to control them and 'let them go,' but only in safe situations. Spitting, one of my persistent tics, I have managed to condition over the years so that it occurs almost exclusively when I'm walking outdoors with my dogs.

Opportunities from Challenges: The Turnaround

At 27, I recognised that my Tourette Syndrome was not a barrier but a unique ability. After a long process of self-discovery, from late diagnosis through the founding of several successful companies, I began to view my TS as a personal "booster" that led me to success in extraordinary ways.

Fulfilled Dreams: The Entrepreneur and Artist

From founding my companies to realising my artistic dreams - my path demonstrates that success and Tourette Syndrome are not contradictory. "Bernd Bridges - A Triumph Over The Past," a TV dramedy series that reflects my life, as well as the music for it, stand as evidence of my indomitable will to dream big.

"Coprophenomenon": An Anthem of the Heart

The latest milestone in my journey with Tourette is our music creation "Coprophenomenon." This song, which comes directly from the heart of my experiences with Tourette Syndrome, is more than just a melody - it's an anthem celebrating our collective triumph and overcoming challenges. Initially inspired by my own tics, the song became something greater through the creative process. Adam Kesselhaut played a key role in this. With his exceptional talent and songwriting experience, he helped transform my feelings and thoughts into a melody that captures our experiences with TS.


The Lessons of the Melody and the Journey Ahead

This musical success story is more than a song; it is a testament to perseverance, creativity, and the ability to grow beyond oneself. It embodies a celebration of individuality and the power of shared experiences. With "Coprophenomenon," I want to show everyone living with TS or any other challenge that beauty and strength can emerge from difficulties. By opening my heart and sharing my story, I hope to shed light on the diverse experiences of people with Tourette, dismantle prejudices, and send a message of hope. My life with TS is a story full of challenges, but above all, it is one of triumph - a triumph that echoes in the melody of „Coprophenomenon."

Amazing man!

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