How painters can use multilingual video hosting platform to get more leads

If you want to consolidate the video marketing efforts, you must switch to a multilingual video hosting platform so that you can have maximum views on your videos.

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The rise of the era of the internet has given us many solutions, and it has transformed the way business is being done and how solutions could be provided to the end-user. This has brought forth new avenues of advertisements and business promotions; of them videos are the most popular one. Well, online videos have become an integral part of the business promotion and information dissemination. You would have often noticed more and more companies emphasizing on generating videos to help in propagating their ideas. Ipicasso is one such online sites where painters can sell their paintings.


But merely having a great platform is not sufficient for the painters to sell their paintings and do business. If you want to make more from your virtual presence, you can opt for online videos.


Rising popularity of online videos for business promotion:


These online medium of video promotion has gained popularity recently. It can create a significant impact on audiences of all age group. Moreover, people comprehend videos easily as compared to audios or reading long texts. An interestingly designed and created video will help in hitting the bull’s eye. Did you know that in 2017, the time spent on watching online videos on mobiles escalated by 35%? With such whooping increase more and more businesses are inclining towards using this feature.


Whether it is painting or any other business verticals, online videos are a great platform to promote one’s creativity and direct the right audiences which can eventually give you more business.


Let us understand how multilingual video hosting platform will help in generating more leads:


When it comes to video hosting platforms, then there is an array of choices in the market. Every day you could find a company leveraging its video creation platform that could be best for your business.


Well, if you are new and have recently started your video making for products, then video courses and on-demand video can be a good choice for you. Nowadays, video hosting platforms have become more like plug and play. Even with little knowledge of video creation, one can easily create a professional looking video.

Well, video creation is the first part, the second part is monetizing videos so that you can reap money out of it. Monetization ensures that more and more people get to know about your product and at the same time, it also helps in generating revenue.


How will a video hosting platform become beneficial for painters?


When it comes to choosing any of the video hosting platforms, then you must know that any good platform will be beneficial for you only if you have the right video. A good video must have the following qualities:


  • You must create a knowledge base around your painting.

  • You must make sure that video can be able to project itself as a knowledge hub in your domain. If your product is painting, then your video must have all the information pertaining to it.

  • Your video must raise the inquisitiveness of the end-user.


Once you have created the video, the next step is to ensure that you must use a multilingual hosting platform. This becomes increasingly important for the painters. The demand for any painting is not limited within boundaries. There are people from across the globe who are willing to invest in paintings. A multilingual hosting platform will help you develop and host videos in different languages so that your product can have a global appeal.


Apart from stepping into a multilingual video hosting platform, you must also have the content subtitled. Having multilingual subtitle is yet another way to garner international viewership. It’s a great way to engage the audiences and that too in their local language. Viewers sitting abroad share the videos more if it is in their local language. So, you see that a multilingual video hosting platform and having multilingual subtitle along with a professionally made video is the key to get international audiences attention.


Wrapping Up- When it comes to video hosting platform then most of us know about YouTube, but you don’t need to limit your options just to this. Instead, there are various platforms like ipicasso that will help you sell the painting in the most advanced and profitable manner. Create videos which are professional, and at the same time, it should have all the elements which can attract the viewers. If you want to consolidate the video marketing efforts, you must switch to a multilingual video hosting platform so that you can have maximum views on your videos.


You must choose a platform which is based on the current level of engagement and reach. Video live streaming is also an excellent way to have maximum views on your videos. So, don’t wait start shooting the video and reap the benefits.