Motorhome parking lot Meinerzhagen

A nice paved parking lot with a very short walk to the supermarket - perfect for passing through! 🗺️ Address: Next to the Penny To the Eickenhahn 26 58540 Meinerzhagen 📍 Coordinates: 51°06'22.7 "N, 7°39'40.2 "E 💶 Fees: Pitch: free of charge 🐾 Dogs are allowed on the pitch. At alugha Travel you will not only find beautiful and exceptional pitches, but also exciting tips and information about motorhomes, camping and travel. Here you can find out what you should pay attention to before your next trip, what can happen to you on the road and where you can spend the best vacation.

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Mi Vacuum Cleaner Light For On the Go

I always have my dogs with me, and I like to be outside. No matter what, we always bring dirt into the motorhome and vacuuming is part of everyday life - just as it is in my house. I was looking for a good vacuum cleaner and came across the "Mi Vacuum Cleaner Light" from Xiaomi. I had already tried