Is there an elevator to space

The elevator should slide upwards like on a rail. To date, however, there is no suitable material for such a rope. So the elevator into space remains a dream. Dubbing: alugha Author: ZDF/Terra X/ T. Schultes/ pro in space Click here to see more videos:

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The power structure in the Arab Empire

Around 700 AD, the Arabs ruled over about 60 million people. At the head of the empires there was a caliph. Right below were the governors of the provinces, who primarily collected taxes. Author: ZDF/Terra X/Gruppe 5/ Susanne Utzt, Sahar Eslah, Martin Carazo Mendez/ Martin Christ, Marc Riemer, Joac

The Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp

From the end of 1941, a new camp had been built in the so-called "Auschwitz area of interest" of the SS. It was located three kilometers away from the existing Auschwitz concentration camp. Starting in March 1942, people were murdered by poison gas in two former farmhouses in Birkenau. Author: ZDF/