Parking lot - Mehlinger Heide at the Jewish Cemetery

The Mehlinger Heath near Kaiserslautern is considered the largest heath landscape in southern Germany. If you are looking for that special thrill, venture to the over 200-year-old Jewish cemetery. 🗺️Directions: via An der Heide , 67678 Mehlingen 📍Coordinates: 49°29'32.2 "N 7°50'22.3 "E

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Camper site at Landhaus Hagenah

Hagenah is located in the Heinbockel commune in Lower Saxony. Here, camper travelers can spend a couple nights free of charge all year round. 🗺️ Address: Landhaus Hagenah An der Bundesstraße 2 21726 Hagenah (Gemeinde Heinbockel) 📫 Contact (Landhaus Hagenah): Phone: +49 (0) 414 9402 e-mail: info