Colombia (CO)
the interaction! what people use to communicate between them and their society, every aspect of it, I am a writer that handle new technologies with the objective of create a way of how our system share information, what you have to offer and what the customer needs with a different kind of service that will make the process more interesting and convenient for both parts, more innovative and will show that you are caring for the same things that the costumer and give a touch of elegance with the new interaction in the business; the real objective is to make a difference, showing a service that is not just about the product to get, is also about the experience, changing the interaction that the consumer have with the brand, with a new interaction that will change the way we buy and sell, is going to be a different approach, using the technology that every day evolves and makes our life easier, a way that will create a more personal interaction, with all kind of innovative technologies, using Avatars, chatbots, and so much more.
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