TranslatorsCafé.com — community of translators, interpreters, voice artists and other language professionals. YouTube channel is a collection of popular science videos, which supplement our unit converter section. Here you can learn about time, velocity, pressure, and many other topics. We currently have videos in English and Russian. All of our videos have closed captions, so you can use them to study technical English and Russian, to become better at technical translation. Unit Converter Video transcripts and terminology:
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Science with Rina. Sound Frequency and Wavelength

Video illustration to Sound Wavelength Calculator. We’ll play several sounds and show you their frequency and wavelength. 220 Hz or vibrations per second. 440 Hz or vibrations per second. 880 Hz or vibrations per second. The number of these vibrations per second is called the fr

Science with Rina. Human Hearing Range

Video illustration to Sound Wavelength Calculator. An average human can hear frequencies from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. In this video, my granddaughter Rina and I are going to offer you a hearing test. Kids can hear higher frequencies while our ability to hear high-pitched sounds wanes

A Week in Norway. Bergen

Links to other Channel videos mentioned in this video: A Week in Norway. Norway in a Nutshell Tour A Week in Norway. The Vidden Hike Four Hours in Amsterdam

DIY Electronic Stethoscope

In this video I will show you how to record the sound of your heart using a stethoscope and a microphone connected to it. Author, director, camera, patient: Anatoly Zolotkov Keywords: Recording heart sounds, microphone, low frequencie

A Week in Norway. Norway in a Nutshell Tour

The Norway in a Nutshell Tour map link Find translators and interpreters in Norway:

Miami Beach with Unit Converter. Length[ConverterName]&mode=English Learn Technical English with the Multilanguage Unit Converter Videos! htt

Monaco with

Interpreters in Nice: Monaco. What comes to mind when you hear this name? Perhaps a city-state, or a famous casino, or no income tax, or gorgeous yach