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An alien spaceship crashes near Searchlight, Nevada, about 150 miles outside of Las Vegas. Project Moon Dust, a secret Defense Department unit led by Henry Burke (Ciarán Hinds) and one of his young unnamed task forces, arrives in black helicopters. Men in Black seize the ship and search for its passengers.nnJack Bruno (Dwayne Johnson) is a former mob get-away driver who drives a cab to avoid returning to jail. One of his passengers is Dr. Alex Friedman (Carla Gugino), a failed scientist who is in Las Vegas to speak at a UFO convention at the Planet Hollywood hotel.nnAfter resisting two thugs who seek his services for a mob boss, Bruno finds two teenagers, Sara (AnnaSophia Robb) and Seth (Alexander Ludwig), in his cab. They offer $15,000 to drive to a certain destination. Burke's men follow the cab; Bruno believes that the government agents are more mob thugs, and evades them with his driving skills. Seth's ability to vary his molecular density helps the group to escape.nnWhen they arrive at an abandoned house, Bruno follows them out of concern and curiosity. The teenagers retrieve the device they were looking for within a hidden underground laboratory, but the three are attacked by a "Siphon" (Tom Woodruff, Jr.), a powerful armored alien assassin. During the attack Seth is knocked unconscious by a strong blast. They escape into the cab and Jack demands to know what is going on. The Siphon pursues the group until its spaceship crashes into a train and the creature is wounded. The three again escape Burke's agents, in part due to Sara's incredibly strong empathy, telepathy clairvoyant, and telekinetic abilities. He stops and demands to know what happened out there. The Siphon is in hot pursuit in his spaceship, shooting at them with everything he's got. Jack drives into a train tunnel and narrowly avoids the hunter's sensors, and the trio thinks they're safe. Seth insists that he shouldn't tell Sara the truth, as humans are untrustworthy. Sara disagrees. Jack starts to drive over a bridge, and the hunter reappears, shooting at them with lasers. They enter another tunnel, and Jack discovers that a train is coming from the other way, with the spaceship in hot pursuit. Sara makes the taxicab go faster using her abilities, and it manages to escape a collision while the spaceship is totaled.nnBack at the lab, Burke and the others know about the explosion surrounding the cabin and want it checked out. He also knows about the train collision and the possibility that someone else is in pursuit of the kids. No matter—he wants the kids first.nnJack pulls over the cab and the kids tell the truth to him. They are in fact aliens, sent to Earth to retrieve something. He doesn't believe them, insisting that aliens are like "little green men". To convince him, Sara levitates several objects in the cab. It convinces Jack that they are not lying, and he agrees to help, driving the cab off. Meanwhile, the Siphon survives the impact from his ship, and is slowly repairing his suit.nnThe cab makes its way into the small town of Stony Creek. Jack asks a local mechanic (Cheech Marin) to fix it, but he says he's closed. Sara uses her mind reading ability to slowly convince him, and Jack offers cash as well. While he's doing repairs, the trio head to a local restaurant to cool off. Sara is worried that Jack is going to ditch them, as she has telepathy powers and can read his mind. Seth is still annoyed by the fact he can't trust humans.nnThanks to the LoJack tracking on the cab, Burke and his men catch up to Jack. They surround the restaurant that the three of them are in, and he calls him to give him an ultimatum. Instead of turning them in, however, Jack gets the attention of a local sheriff and his men, saying that armed men are about to come into the restaurant. He slowly gets the kids to cover near the back, as the government men and the sheriff's team draw guns on each other. A local waitress, who helped clean the kids up earlier, lead them to a shaft where they can get out through the roof. Jack thanks her, while the government agent convinces the sheriff that he's with higher authority. They put their guns away.nnJack can't open the shaft door, as it's locked from the outside. Seth reaches up, slipping his hand through the metal and unsnapping the hinge from the outside. It opens right up, and Sara explains that Seth can molecularly manipulate items. They go across the roof as the agents close in on them and land in a neighbor's yard, where an angry dog confronts Jack. He thinks he's going to get attacked, but instead, it licks Sara in the face and shows compassion to her. She understands and can communicate with it.nnThey get into the cab (after paying the mechanic) and drive off. The agents try to give pursuit, but Sara uses her powers to electrically blow the engines on their cars as they pass. Burke tries to get a shot off, but the dog bites him in the arm and runs away. As the cab's about to leave, Sara makes it stop, and the dog climbs in. It then speeds away into the night.nnThe cab stops later on, after Jack has a discussion with the dog (through Sara), as it needs to go to the bathroom. He's not sure what to do now; since he's unable to help the kids find what they're looking for. However, Sara's mind reading brings up the name of Alex Friedman, the person Jack picked up earlier. So, they head back to Vegas.nnBruno brings Seth and Sara to Dr. Friedman at the UFO convention, who realizes that the teenagers are what she has been searching for and joins the group. There, the teenagers explain to Bruno and Friedman that they are from a dying distant world three thousand light years from Earth. Its government intends to invade Earth, despite the idea being unpopular among the majority of their race, so that their kind may survive. Seth and Sara's parents are scientists who sought a way to save their planet without invasion but were arrested before completing their experiment. The teenagers came to retrieve the successful results, but the alien government sent the assassin to stop them. To save both worlds, they must retrieve their spaceship and return home. Fellow UFOlogist and conspiracy theorist Dr. Donald Harlan (Garry Marshall) tells them that the spaceship was taken to the secret California government base Witch Mountain. The group arrives at the base, but are captured; Burke orders that the teenagers be prepared for vivisection, but feels that no one will believe the adults.nnThe Siphon attacks Witch Mountain and battles the soldiers, allowing Bruno and Friedman to infiltrate the base and free Seth and Sara. They launch the ship, escape through the mountain's tunnels, and finally kill the assassin who has stowed away on the spaceship. The teenagers give Bruno and Friedman a tracking device that will allow the aliens to always find them, tearfully wish them farewell, and return to their home world, hoping to help rebuild it somehow.nnBruno and Friedman become successful authors of Race to Witch Mountain: A True Story. They promote their book and knowledge on the UFO convention circuit, explaining that the publicity protects them from government reprisal. As they leave a convention the alien device activates, implying that the humanoid alien teenagers may be returning to Earth.

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