12-CLIMATE CRISIS (Green Generation)

The Earth has an illness called climate crisis. It causes the extinction of species, desertification and pandemics, and many other natural disasters. This illness has been caused by humans, with our polluting vehicles and industries that cause global warming. Green Generation is the animation series for the ⁠⁠generation that will change the world! 🌏 ⁠⁠ Join us for climate education and help us fight the climate crisis with ⁠⁠facts and science. Web: https://greengeneration.es/ Instagram: www.instagram.com/greengeneration.eng Facebook: www.facebook.com/greengenerationeng

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26-I´TS TIME TO ACT (Green Generation)

The climate crisis or "climate change" is a reality, which puts our future at risk. Science tells us that we cannot wait any longer. We have to act now! The planet needs brave people to fight against the climate crisis. Join us and help us create more climate education resources and vídeos. Green

25-OCEANS OF PLASTIC (Green Generation)

Plastic is an easy material to manufacture and has many applications that make our daily lives much more comfortable. That is why it is the most widely used artificial material in the world. And we use it so much... that it has already become a problem. Join us and help us create more climate educa

24-GREED AND IGNORANCE (Green Generation)

Human beings, like plants and animals, are part of nature. The environment gives us everything we need, but some destroy it, out of ignorance or greed, without thinking of the future. Join us and help us create more climate education resources and vídeos. Green Generation, the animation series fo