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Learning Resource Exchange and Travel Well Resources (DE)

Video on the use of the open educational resources (OER) available on the Learning Resource Exchange (LRE), produced by bm:ukk, the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture (Bundesministerium für Unterricht, Kunst und Kultur).nnThe Learning Resource Exchange (LRE) from European Schoolnet is a service that enables schools to find open educational resources from many different countries and providers. It was developed in order to provide Ministries of Education with access to a network of learning content repositories and associated tools that allow them to more easily exchange high quality learning resources that 'travel well' and can be used by teachers in different countries.nnFor more information, and to find free learning resources for your lessons, please go to

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MAHLE Werk in Mühlacker

Der Film bietet in rund drei Minuten eine erste Einstimmung auf das Werk und zeigt, nach welchen Leitlinien und Werten das Team im Alltag zusammenarbeitet, aber natürlich auch, mit welchen innovativen Technologien die MAHLE Thermomanagement-Produkte in Werk Mühlacker gefertigt werden.

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