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Cardio Challenge, 6 minute HIIT

Power Yoga and vinyasa yoga is demanding and can cause wear and tear. For those of you interested in gaining the upper hand and are willing to look the factors that elevate practice, reduce injury and get you in better condition, method yoga training is for you! The new school power yoga. Interval athletic training is a broad term, but when applied to your particular sport, you understand that it involves work/rest periods for specific training to help you perform better by developing the attributes needed to advance. Terms such as stamina, speed, strength, endurance, agility and power are just some of the words you become familiar with when you focus on the ones that apply to the sport you play and compete in. Interval training is when you alternate between periods of hard exercise and rest. It improves speed and muscular endurance. With interval training, you perform short bursts of intense exercise, then take a period to recover. Interval training allows you to exercise at higher levels of intensity compared to continuous aerobic exercise. When you alternate between short bouts of very-high-intensity exercise with lower-intensity exercise, your body is able to process lactic acid build-up; therefore, reducing fatigue. You are then able to burn calories and fat at a faster rate compared to less intense, longer aerobic exercise. Training at such high intensities utilizes your body’s short-term energy systems: the atp-pcr systems and the glycolytic system. The atp-pcr system makes use of creatine phosphate stores in your muscle for high-intensity exercise lasting no more than 10 seconds. When the exercise bout lasts for up to 3 minutes, you are using mostly muscle glycogen, the stored form of glucose. When you consistently train at high intensities using these systems, you increase your capacity to work and oxygen up take. Circuit Training Method Yoga Interval Athletic training is organized into “Circuits” that are user appropriate depending on the level. Circuits involve performing a series of exercises in a special sequence.These circuits are usually organized around a certain training purpose: warm up, cardio training, core training, leg training, and upper body training or whole body training like this video. Method Yoga Athletic Training is a functional and safe way to train the body on a holistic level with the overall context for advanced yoga because the main focus here is building Stamina, Agility and shedding unwanted body mass (lose fat and build muscles). Ranges of motion, duration of exercise, intensity of exercise can be modified and tailored to your specific needs, ability and goals.

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