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This video gives answer to the frequently asked interview question "Do you have any Questions?". Any prospective job seeker can get an idea about how to answer this interview question by listening to this video. This is probably the perfect way to answer and handle this question in a job interview. nnWhat do they want to hear? nnNormally, this question occurs very near the end of the interview. In fact, you may well assume that its appearance pretty much signals the end. Nevertheless, because we've been talking about the importance of your pre-interview research, this is as good a place as any to address this question. nnNever, I repeat, never answer with a no. How can you make one of the most important decisions of your life—whether to work for this company at this job—without knowing more? nnEven if you think you're sold on the position or you're clear on the responsibilities, you must speak up here. If you don't, the interviewer will assume you are uninterested. And that can be the kiss of death to you as an applicant, even at this late stage. nnQuestions About the Company n nWhat are the company's leading products or services? What products or services is it planning to introduce in the near future? n nWhat are the company's key markets and are those markets growing? nnWill the company be entering any new markets in the next couple of years? Which ones and via what kind of distribution channel(s)? nnWhat growth rate are you currently anticipating? Will this be accomplished internally or through acquisitions? nnWho owns the company? n nPlease tell me about your own tenure with the XYZ Company. nnHow many employees work for the organization? In how many offices? In this office? nnIs the company planning to grow through acquisitions? n nWhat has been the company's layoff history in the last five years? Do you anticipate any cutbacks in the near future and, if you do, how will they impact my department or position? n nWhat major problems or challenges has the company recently faced? How were they addressed? What results do you expect? n nWhat is the company's share of each of its markets? n nWhich other companies serving those markets pose a serious threat? n nPlease tell me more about your training programs. Do you offer reimbursement for job-related education? Time off? n nWhat is your hiring philosophy? n nWhat are the company's plans and prospects for growth and expansion? n nWhat are the company's goals in the next few years? n nWhat do you like best about this company? Why? n nWhat is the company's ranking within the industry? Does this represent a change from where it was a year or a few years ago? nnQuestions About the Department or Division n nExplain the organizational structure of the department and its primary functions and responsibilities. nnTo whom will I be reporting? To whom does he or she report? n nWith which other departments does this department work most closely? n nHow many people work exclusively in this department? n nWhat problems is this department facing? What are its current goals and objectives? nnQuestions About the Job n nWhat kind of training should I expect and for how long? n nHow many people will be reporting to me? n nIs relocation an option, a possibility, or a requirement? n nHow did this job become available? Was the previous person promoted? What is their new title? Was the previous person fired? Why? n nWould I be able to speak with the person who held this job previously? n nIs a written job description available? n nCould you describe a typical day in this position? n nHow long has this position been available? n nHow many other candidates have you interviewed? How many more candidates will you be interviewing before you make a decision? n nIs there no one from within the organization who is qualified for this position? n nBefore you're able to reach a hiring decision, how many more interviews should I expect to go through and with whom? n nWhere will I be working? May I see my office/cubicle/closet/floormat? n nHow advanced/current is the hardware and software I will be expected to use? n nHow much day-to-day autonomy will I have? n nDoes this job usually lead to other positions in the company? Which ones? n nPlease tell me a little bit about the people with whom I'll be working most closely. nnWhat Do You Want to Know? nnIt's easy to get caught up in the challenge of impressing the interviewer with your brilliant answers, but it's also important that you don't lose sight of the fact that you have a goal—trying to determine whether this situation is right for you, whether this job is worthy of your talents and commitment. nnSubscribe to our Channel atnhttp://www.youtube.com/theinterviewskillsnnFollow us on our Official Facebook Fanpage atnhttp://www.facebook.com/theinterviewskillsnnLink to this video nhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=icJPp4px2pQ

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