Inside Llewyn Davis - Official Trailer

In February 1961, Llewyn Davis (Oscar Isaac) is a struggling folk singer in New York City's Greenwich Village. His musical partner, Mike Timlin, has committed suicide; his recent solo album Inside Llewyn Davis is not selling; he has no money and is sleeping on the couches of friends and acquaintances.nnLlewyn wakes up in the apartment of two of his older friends, the Gorfeins. When he leaves, the Gorfeins' cat escapes. Llewyn takes the cat to the apartment of Jim (Justin Timberlake) and Jean (Carey Mulligan) Berkey. They have a guest named Troy Nelson (Stark Sands). Jean tells Llewyn she is pregnant. The next morning, the Gorfeins' cat escapes again. Later Jean, fearing that Llewyn may be the father, asks him to pay for an abortion.nnOn Jim's invitation, Llewyn, as part of the "John Glenn Singers", records a novelty song with Jim and Al Cody (Adam Driver). Needing money immediately, Llewyn agrees to $200 with no royalties. At the gynecologist's office, Llewyn sets up Jean's appointment and discovers that a previous girlfriend, whose abortion he also paid for, decided to keep the baby and move to Akron without telling him.nnLlewyn and Jean argue about his lack of direction. He spots what he believes to be the Gorfeins' cat and returns it that evening. Asked to play after dinner, he reluctantly performs "Fare Thee Well", a song he had recorded with Mike. When Mrs. Gorfein starts to sing Mike's harmony, Llewyn yells at her. Mrs. Gorfein leaves the table crying, then returns with the cat, having realized that it is not theirs. Llewyn leaves with the cat.nnLlewyn rides with two musicians driving to Chicago: the laconic beat poet Johnny Five (Garrett Hedlund) and the odious jazz musician Roland Turner (John Goodman). At a roadside restaurant, Roland collapses from a heroin overdose. The three stop on the side of the highway to rest. When a police officer tells them to move on, Johnny resists and is arrested. Without the keys, Llewyn abandons the car, leaving the cat and the unconscious Roland behind. In Chicago, Llewyn auditions for Bud Grossman (F. Murray Abraham). Grossman says Llewyn is not suited to be a solo performer but suggests he might incorporate him in a new trio he is forming. Llewyn rejects the offer and hitchhikes back to New York. Driving, he hits what he fears may be the same cat.nnIn New York, he pays $148 in back dues to rejoin the merchant marine union, and visits his ailing father. Llewyn searches for his seaman's license so he can ship out with the merchant marine, but his sister has thrown it out. Llewyn apologizes to Jean for everything and she tells him she got him a gig at the Gaslight. At the Gaslight, Pappi claims he had sex with Jean. Llewyn heckles a woman as she performs. He goes to the Gorfeins' apartment, where they graciously welcome him. He is amazed to see that their actual cat, Ulysses, has found his way home.nnLlewyn performs at the Gaslight. Pappi teases him about his heckling the previous evening and tells him that a friend of his is waiting outside. Behind the Gaslight, Llewyn is beaten by a shadowy suited man for heckling the previous night's performer, who was apparently his wife. Llewyn watches as the man leaves in a taxi.

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