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Experience Diversity@Bosch

Diversity fosters innovations and creativity, but when the focus lies on money and time, there is no room for Diversity!? Have you heared of this arguments before, too? Our associates at the planning logistics department in Karlsruhe prove the opposite and give an example of how diversity is practiced at Bosch. In the video, the associates share their experiences with working in a diverse team and talk about their daily work. Also, innovative approaches such as working flexibly form home or sharing desks are discussed. When being asked whether working in a diverse team can be challenging at time, they give a clear answer: "Yes, but after being part of a diverse team once, you don't want to work any other way afterwards." Experience yourself why Bosch is committed to diversity and promotes an open-minded and appreciative working culture by watching the video.nnFor further information on diversity at Bosch, please visit our corporate webpage:

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