System check – Part 3: Bearing bracket leakage

Leakage at the bearing bracket? Just drain the oil, check the gaskets and regulate the oil level – this is all you have to do to avert the risk of bearing damage. Follow us: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: LINKEDIN: NEWSLETTER:

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System check – Part 2: Paint flaking off pump and flange

Paint flaked off the pump? This could be a small symptom of a bigger problem: The pump set could be misaligned or worse. Follow us: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: LINKEDIN:

System check – Part 4: Rubber abrasion underneath the coupling

A quick glance underneath the coupling is sufficient: If wear to the coupling rubber parts is evident, these can be easily replaced to avoid major damage. Follow us: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: LIN

Vitalobe - Rotary lobe pump for sterile applications

Gentle handling of high-viscous media, hygienic transportation and residue-free cleaning – Vitalobe stands for a sterile process control. Because of the various rotor types the rotary lobe pump can be tailored to the respective application. Insight in KSB´s Vita pumps range: F