Alugha feat. MinutePhysics

Der alugha Kanal von MinutePhysics mit vielen multilingualen Videos/The alugha channel from MinutePhysics with many multilingual videos about physics: Lerne Physik und dazu gleich noch Spanisch und Englisch :) Mit alugha geht das echt super einfach. Wir haben gerade begonnen eine längere Serie von MinutePhysics ins Deutsche zu dubben und möchten dich dabei unterstützen! Learn physics and Spanish AND German :) With alugha this became so easy! We just started dub his videos and give you access to one of the coolest guys explaining physics Multilingual Videos with Dolby Surround Sound? No problem if you gonna use alugha! The one and only tool that expands YouTube for you to get more subscribers, get more success and generate more income! See more about us on Install the FREE Extension for Chrome here: for Safari here: for Firefox here: Or our FREE app for Android:

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I'm going to make a 10-second physics explanation video every day for the next month. The rules: 1) physics explaining part must be no more than 10 seconds 2) the entire video (titles, ending etc) must be no more than 20 secondsn3) there must be a bonus fact in each videonnMinutePhysics is on Google

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BONUS FACT: If we lived on Saturn's moon Titan, we probably would have used the freezing and boiling points of methane for our "100 step" (centigrade) scale.nnMinutePhysics is on Google+ - nAnd facebook - twitter - @minutephysicsnnMinute Phy