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Police Constable Nicholas Angel, a dedicated member of the Metropolitan Police Service, is promoted to Sergeant and transferred to the quiet village of Sandford, Gloucestershire, for making his colleagues look bad by comparison. Arriving at Sandford, Angel immediately arrests a group of under-age drinkers and a drunk driver, to the distaste of the locals. Discovering the drunk driver is his partner, PC Danny Butterman, Angel learns from Inspector Frank Butterman (Danny's father) that the village's few crimes are rarely punished. Meeting with the local Neighbourhood Watch Alliance, Angel finds their primary concern is winning the "Village of the Year" award.nnAmateur actors Martin Blower and Eve Draper, whom Angel previously stopped for speeding, are murdered by a hooded assailant; their corpses, posed to look like a traffic collision. Angel is unconvinced by the scene, which earns him criticism from his colleagues. He then clears up several minor crimes, including confiscating a shed full of unlicensed firearms (along with a naval mine) and pursuing an escaped swan, only to become distracted when businessman George Merchant is murdered in a gas explosion. When the department labels the death as another accident, Angel is contacted by journalist Tim Messenger, who claims to have information. Before Angel can meet with him, though, a hooded figure fatally crushes Messenger by pushing a spire off the church roof onto his head.nnFinally entertaining Angel's serial killer theory, Danny helps him investigate the deaths. Searching for leads, Angel speaks with florist Leslie Tiller, who unknowingly connects the victims with a property deal. Collecting his notebook from his car, Angel returns to witness Tiller being murdered with shears by the hooded figure. Angel pursues the figure, who is injured but escapes. Angel leads the force to the local supermarket, where he accuses manager and NWA member Simon Skinner of the murders, as the property deal would have led to Skinner's financial ruin. While admitting to the connection, Skinner holds a solid alibi and is unharmed, unlike Tiller's murderer, unravelling Angel's theory.nnLater overhearing a shopkeeper mistakenly ask about finding the "killers", Angel realizes that a group of killers invalidates Skinner's alibi. He brings this idea to Frank but is told that he's showing the same signs of the nervous breakdown that proved the end of his predecessor. Asked to sleep on his new theory, Angel returns to his hotel room but is attacked by a cloaked figure, whom he unmasks, revealing him to be supermarket employee Michael Armstrong, sent by Skinner. After knocking his attacker unconscious, Angel learns that Skinner is at the village castle. When Angel arrives, he discovers the village's secret: the Sandford NWA is a secret cult led by Frank, who commit murders (which they cover up as "accidents") to remain "Village of the Year". Frank began to murder in the name of his wife and Danny's mother, who committed suicide after her efforts to win the first contest were ruined by a group of travellers. The group killed Blower, Draper, Merchant, and Messenger because they harmed the village's image and NWA member Tiller because she was moving her business to another village.nnChased from the castle, Angel falls into a crypt and discovers the bodies of various "problem" people whom the NWA disposed of - they include many of the people Angel has questioned in his time in the village, his predecessor Sergeant Popwell, and the Living Statue that has been blighting the village for several weeks. As Angel escapes out into the open, he is cornered and stabbed by Danny. Disposing of Angel's body, Danny is revealed to have faked Angel's death and releases him at the village limits. Claiming ignorance to the murders, Danny begs Angel to go back to London, as nobody will believe the truth. Initially leaving for London, Angel is inspired by Danny's favorite action movies and returns to Sandford, arming himself with the station's confiscated guns. Angel, with Danny's help, fights and non-fatally wounds most of the NWA in the village square and the pub, before the duo persuade their colleagues of the truth. Pursuing Skinner and Frank, they capture the escaped swan en route, before cornering and fighting Skinner in a model of the village. After Skinner slips and impales himself on the miniature cathedral spire, Frank flees in Angel's car, only to crash into a tree when the swan attacks him. He and the NWA members involved are arrested.nnLondon's Chief Inspector asks Angel to return to his old post as the city's crime rate has risen; but Angel declines. While he and his colleagues are processing paperwork, Tom Weaver - the only NWA member who works at the station - barges in and attempts to shoot Angel with an antique blunderbuss. When Danny takes the shot, Angel strikes Weaver with a waste bin, sending him reeling into the confiscated sea mine, which detonates and destroys the station. Searching through the station's rubble, Angel finds and comforts an unresponsive Danny. One year later, Danny is revealed to have survived; the two have received promotions for their work and are now in charge of the Sandford Police, with Angel promoted to Inspector and Danny promoted to Sergeant.

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