Europa Park - Winter Magic at the 'Best Theme Park Worldwide'! Step inside an unforgettable winter wonderland, packed full of festive charm, magical moments, and seasonal surprises - experience Europa-Park at the most wonderful time of the year. The park is open daily between: 26th Nov 2016 until 8th Jan 2017 & 13th Jan 2017 until 15th Jan 2017 *closed 24th & 25th Dec 2016

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The art of storytelling - PROJECT V - NEW 2017 A World full of Stories Project V is part of a much larger storyline that is linked with existing and coming attractions at Europa-Park. Clues and “Easter Eggs” (secret objects) will be hidden in the attraction and across other attractions. So keep your eyes open!

RULANTICA - SPECIAL mit Benedikt Weber (Folge1) Bist du eine echte Wasserratte? Dann plant der Europa-Park genau das Richtige für dich: die neue Wasserwelt „Rulantica“. 2 Jahre lang begleitet Benedikt Weber für dich die Entstehung und berichtet hautnah – von der Baustelle bis zur fertigen Welt. Wasser marsch! Folge 1: