TRUMPF Smart Factory: Time to flirt - with the next level of production

Further information: Time to flirt - with the next level of production. Sheet metal processing is attractive. You doubt it? Watch this scene: After work a man and a woman sit across from each other in a cozy bar. They exchange glances, but he can’t relax. His mobile phone rings and a short-term order comes in. He sighs. How will he get it done? Rather clueless he pulls a piece of paper. Industry 4.0? His production is a far cry from a smart factory. She smiles and checks her mobile phone. She has also received a short-term order - and it is already being produced. How come? Her production is digitally connected. Thanks to the TRUMPF solution TruConnect she is totally at ease. Her networked production runs smoothly without her. She joins him at the counter and shows him her paperless production, accessible via her mobile. He is impressed and eager to connect - his own production, and who knows what else...

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