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Quality, competence, innovation, customer-orientation: four simple words that influence our thinking and activities every day.nnAfter some 80 years, our passion and engineering innovation combined with decades of experience have placed us in a technologically leading position world-wide.nnWe and our expert partners stand out for our commitment, wealth of ideas and motivation. With its great enthusiasm, Kögel is always setting new standards.nnWe always have the right solution for your transport challenge. Whether in the forwarding or construction industry, you can rely on us and our vehicles.nnWe are a large and well reputed company with international know-how. We are established in Germany, the Czech Republic and Turkey, making us a European player.nnAt the Kögel headquarters in Burtenbach lies the heart of the company. Our HQ in Bavaria is a top-level development and production site. Up to 20,000 vehicles leave this factory every year.nnLearn more about the company on the official website:nnwww.koegel.com/plnnOur official partner in Poland:nwww.eurotrailer.pl

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