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The Bourne Legacy Trailer Official

The CIA lost trace of Jason Bourne's whereabouts in Moscow six weeks ago. Meanwhile, Aaron Cross (Jeremy Renner) is a government operative assigned to Operation Outcome, a Department of Defense black ops program which uses experimental pills, known as "chems," to enhance the physical and mental abilities of their users. Cross is assigned to Alaska for a training exercise, where he must survive weather extremes and traverse rugged terrain in order to arrive at a remote cabin. The cabin is operated by an exiled Outcome operative, Number Three (Oscar Isaac), who informs Cross that he has broken the mission record by two days.[3]nnMeanwhile, Guardian reporter Simon Ross (archive footage of Paddy Considine), who has been investigating the CIA programs Treadstone and Blackbriar, is assassinated at London's Waterloo Station. In New York the illegal adaptation of the programs is exposed by Bourne, the FBI and the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence investigate CIA Director Ezra Kramer (Scott Glenn), Deputy Director Pamela Landy (Joan Allen), Blackbriar supervisor Noah Vosen (David Strathairn), and Treadstone medical director Dr. Albert Hirsch (Albert Finney).nnAfter the mayhem in New York and Bourne's escape, Kramer requests help from Mark Turso (Stacy Keach), a retired United States Navy admiral, who runs the National Research Assay Group (NRAG). Turso informs Eric Byer (Edward Norton), a retired Air Force colonel responsible for overseeing NRAG's research and development of the various clandestine enhancement programs used by the CIA and Defense. Byer discovers a potentially scandalous video on the Internet showing Dr. Hirsch, the Treadstone medical director, socializing with Dr. Dan Hillcott (Neil Brooks Cunningham), Outcome's medical director. To prevent the Treadstone/Blackbriar Senate investigation from finding out about Outcome, Byer shuts down Outcome by ordering everyone associated with the program killed. He sees the sacrifice as acceptable in order to protect NRAG's next-generation "Beta programs", including the supersoldier program LARX.nnnPredator, an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) like the one featured in LegacynByer deploys a drone to eliminate Outcome agents Number Three and Five (Cross) in Alaska. Cross hears the drone's approach and leaves moments before a missile destroys the cabin with Number Three inside. Cross surgically removes the RFID implanted in his abdomen and force-feeds it to a wolf, which is then blown up by a Hellfire missile, thus tricking Byer into believing Cross is dead. Meanwhile, Hirsch dies of an apparent heart attack before he can testify before the Senate. Dr. Donald Foite (Željko Ivanek), a researcher at a bio-genetics lab, kills all but one of his top-level colleagues employed by Outcome. When security guards break into his lab, Foite turns his gun on himself, leaving biochemist Dr. Marta Shearing (Rachel Weisz) as the sole survivor.[3]nnWhen four "D-Track" assassins posing as federal agents ambush Shearing at her isolated country house and attempt to fake her suicide, they are eliminated by Cross. He saves her life as his last link to the chems so he can retain his enhanced capabilities and avoid withdrawal symptoms. Shearing reveals that, without his knowledge, Cross has been genetically modified by a tailored virus to retain the physical benefits without needing the green chems anymore. He still requires regular doses of blue chems to maintain his intelligence, but he is running out. Cross confides to her that he is Private First Class Kenneth J. Kitsom (reportedly killed by a roadside bomb in the Iraq War) and that his recruiter fraudulently added 12 points to his IQ, thus allowing Cross to meet the U.S. Army's minimum requirements, in order to satisfy his recruitment quota. Without his enhanced intelligence, Cross believes they stand no chance of survival. Cross and Shearing travel to the Philippines, where the chems are manufactured, to try to infect him with another virus so he will not need the blue chems to go on.[3]nnIn Manila, Cross and Shearing bluff their way into the chem factory. Shearing injects Cross with the live virus stems. Byer alerts the factory security, but Cross and Shearing evade capture. Byer orders LARX-03 (Louis Ozawa Changchien), a chemically-brainwashed supersoldier, to track down and kill them, while they take shelter in a flophouse; while there, Cross recovers from the flu-like symptoms, but hallucinates about his Outcome training.[3] Police from the Philippine National Police surround the flophouse while Shearing is buying medicine. She manages to warn Cross by screaming. Cross rescues her from the officers and steals a motorcycle. They are pursued by both the police and LARX-03. After a lengthy chase through the streets and marketplaces of Manila to Marikina, they lose the police, but not the assassin. Both Cross and LARX-03 are wounded by bullets. LARX-03 continues the chase and is killed when Shearing causes his motorcycle to crash into a pillar. Shearing persuades a Filipino boatman to help them escape by sea. They sail away, while back in New York, Noah Vosen lies to the Senate that Pamela Landy committed treason by trying to sell Treadstone secrets to the press and by assisting Bourne, the only reason why Blackbriar existed.

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