How to use the alugha dubbr to get your YouTube video multilingual

In this video we show you how to use the alugha dubbr to get this steps done 1- Add your YouTube/Vimeo video to your alugha channel to prepare it 2- Get the entire transcript for all the voices in your video (STT) 3- Translate the transcript, title, description, tags 4- Dubb/Voice over your segments 5- Download the transcripts/translations as WebVTT or SRT 6- Download the new created audio 0:08 Step #1 -> Select your YouTube video 0:18 Step #2 -> Prepare your video on alugha 0:30 Step #3 -> Edit the metadata 0:40 Step #4 -> Add the voice(s) and start the AI for auto transcription (stt) 0:50 Step #5 -> Check your amazing transcript 0:57 Step #5.1 -> Check your amazing transcript in the side by side editor 1:05 Step #6 -> Add a new language 1:24 Step #7 -> Record the audio directly in your browser 1:52 Step #8 -> Prepare and publish your audio 2:13 Step #9 -> Export and download your audio for external platforms 2:23 Step #10 -> Download your transcript/subtitles in SRT or WebVTT Get it back to your YouTube video and increase your audience globally in their language. Check the dubbr product here:

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