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📷 Australia - Photography Documentary 🌍 #jaworskyj around the world

The Adventure on the hunt for the one photo! My Name is Benjamin Jaworskyj and this is one of three episodes I filmed last year with my camera man Rico for my german photography youtube channel. I dubbed the whole 50 Min Episode in english, so everybody around the world is able to understand my passion about Nature and Photography. This Episode was filmed 2 Weeks in February 2015 in South Australia and Queensland with the great help of Tourism Australia and all the nice people we met. It was a non profit project and I was cutting the whole german Episode myself for about 1 Week. When this dubbed enlgish episode will hit the 5000 Thumbs up in the next couple of month, i will dub another Episode we filmed in Norway/Lofoten on my hunt for the Northern Lights. Please help us share this Episode and let more people enjoy the beauty of nature and photography. Music Main Themes: Dan Skinner - Protector Blue Planet- Terry Devine-King Special Thanks to my Team and everybody we met on your Journey through the great country of australia EASY LEARN LIGHTROOM VIDEO COURSE → FACEBOOK → INSTAGRAM: → WEBSITE : → GERMAN WORKSHOPS: → T-SHIRTS: → BOOK 1:→ BOOK 2:→ Camera: R.R.Rolle Production and Director: Benjamin Jaworskyj Thank you for watching my videos! It would be awesome if you hit the thumbs up button and share the video with somebody who might be interested in photography as well:) MY LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY EQUIPMENT SONY A7R. → SONY A to E Mount Adapter: → SONY 16-35 2.8:→ SAN DISK EXTREME PRO 16GB: → Phorex by #jaworskyj ND Filter SET:→ Phorex by #jaworskyj ND Filter Einzeln: → Phorex by #jaworskyj Polarizer Filter → Cokin XPRO Graduated Filter: → For APSC Tokina 11-16mm 2.8: → Vanguard Tripod: → MY Old CANON 6D:→

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