Blue Jasmine - Official Trailer (HD) Cate Blanchett, Alec Baldwin

Jasmine (Cate Blanchett) disembarks in San Francisco after a flight from New York. The woman who had been sitting next to her on the flight tells her husband that Jasmine had been talking to her constantly. Jasmine takes a taxi to her sister Ginger's (Sally Hawkins) apartment, where Ginger is shocked to learn that Jasmine travelled first class despite claiming to be broke.nnJasmine reflects on the rich yet trying life that she has lost and tries to start a new one, but is constantly drawn back into her expensive habits. In flashbacks, she remembers her past life in New York with her husband Hal (Alec Baldwin), a wealthy businessman.nnSome years previously, Ginger and her working-class husband Augie (Andrew Dice Clay) visited New York, their first time there in many years. Jasmine gives them their car and driver for them to tour the city, and pays for their stay in a hotel to avoid spending any time with them. Ginger announces they have won $200,000 in the lottery that Augie intends to use to start a construction business, but Jasmine offers Hal's help in investing the money instead. While touring New York, Ginger sees Hal kiss another woman. The woman later appears at Jasmine's birthday party and Ginger realizes that Hal is cheating on Jasmine. Ginger debates on whether to say anything to Jasmine, but decides to stay quiet, hoping to spare her sister's marriage.nnIt is later revealed that Hal is a fraudster and has lost the money Ginger and Augie had given him to invest. Ginger does not blame Jasmine, but Augie blames Jasmine for the loss. Hal commits suicide after being sent to prison for fraud. Ginger divorces Augie and begins dating a mechanic called Chili (Bobby Cannavale).nnJasmine considers becoming an interior designer. She needs to take an online class in the subject but has no computer skills. Jasmine takes a job with a dentist (Michael Stuhlbarg), who pesters her with unwanted sexual advances. He tries to force himself on her, but she fights him off and quits the job.nnJasmine's life improves when she meets a wealthy widower, Dwight (Peter Sarsgaard), at a party. Dwight is a diplomat who aspires to become a congressman. Ginger has a romance with Al (Louis C.K.), whom she meets at the same party. Jasmine and Dwight have similar tastes, although Jasmine lies to him about her past life, saying her husband was a surgeon who died of a heart attack.nnAfter a whirlwind romance, Dwight is about to buy an engagement ring for Jasmine when Augie sees Dwight and Jasmine on the street. Augie rails at Jasmine about what Hal did to him. Augie also tells Jasmine that her estranged stepson, Danny (Alden Ehrenreich), is living and working nearby in Oakland. Dwight is shocked to hear that Jasmine lied to him, and he calls off their engagement. On the way to her sister's place, Jasmine asks to get out of the car, and Dwight leaves her by the side of the road, whereupon she walks all the way to Oakland to see Danny. Danny tells her he asked Augie not to reveal his location. He says Jasmine is part of the past that he wants to leave behind and he never wants to see Jasmine again.nnIn a flashback, we see the scene where Jasmine learns of Hal's many affairs throughout their marriage and confronts him. Hal wants to leave her for a teenage au pair and, in a moment of blind rage, she calls the FBI to inform the authorities of Hal's fraudulent business dealings. This action leads to Hal being arrested. Danny cannot forgive Jasmine for having denounced Hal, even though he was bitter at the revelation that the father of whom he had been proud turned out to be a crook.nnJasmine returns to her sister's apartment and sees Ginger back with Chili. Jasmine and Chili needle each other, and Jasmine is furious that Ginger takes his side. Jasmine lies to Ginger and claims she is going to marry Dwight and moves out.nnThe film ends with Jasmine seating herself on a park bench, talking to herself about her troubles.

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