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Sydney Wells (Jessica Alba) is a successful classical violinist who has been blind since the age of five, caused by an accident with firecrackers. Fifteen years later, Sydney undergoes a cornea transplant, which causes her eyesight to return, a bit blurry at first. As time goes on, Sydney's vision begins to clear; however, she also begins experiencing terrifying visions, mostly of fire and of people dying. She also sees people that are already dead, on one occasion when a girl passed right through her. The bulk of the rest of the film concerns Sydney unraveling the mystery of the visions, and trying to convince others, primarily her visual therapist, Paul Faulkner (Alessandro Nivola), who becomes a helpmate in her quest. She knows that she is not going insane.nnShe finds herself in Mexico, where the cornea donor was originally from. The images of fire and death are the result of an industrial accident that the donor foretold. The donor hanged herself because she could not stop the accident from occurring. Sydney puts the spirit to rest, and begins her trek home. As Sydney and Paul wait in a queue of vehicles to cross the border, Sydney sees the little girl from her vision in the car next to her. She then realizes that this is what her vision has been all along, to save all the people that are about to die.nnSydney, able to still see the death silhouettes, begins to try to get everyone off the highway, starting with a bus filled with people. She convinces everyone to get out of the bus and the cars by telling them that there is a bomb nearby. While Sydney and Paul are running down the street and yelling at people to get away from the street, Sydney sees the little girl trapped in the car, her mother laying on the ground in front of it, already being hit by a passenger and losing consciousness. Paul breaks open the window and gets the girl out.nnAs Sydney, Paul and the girl run down the street, the high speed police chase ends with the fugitive crashing through the border barriers and into a tanker full of gasoline. The tanker explodes from a spark in the getaway car's engine, and Sydney is blinded by flying glass.nnAfter recovering at a hospital, she returns to her life as a blind violinist, though with a more optimistic view of her condition.

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