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Saving the environment and halting climate change? It's a tall order – so can any one person's actions really make a difference? Meet DHL employees around the world who are proving just how big an impact each one of us can have. Around 550,000 people work for Deutsche Post DHL Group. Taken together, this huge family of employees can make a significant contribution to protecting the environment and keeping climate change in check. Realizing this, the company responded with its own sustainability program: GoGreen. One goal of the program is to certify 80% of employees as environment experts – called "GoGreen Specialists" – over a five-year period. This aims to help Deutsche Post DHL Group achieve its target of net-zero logistics emissions by the year 2050. In this episode, we focus on DHL's effort to promote greater awareness for climate and environment issues. And we introduce you to employees around the world who are already green at heart – fully committed to the GoGreen cause. Come meet the people who fish garbage out of the ocean in Malaysia, plant trees in Prague, and monitor air quality in Milan. Reporters: Tom Malar, Patricia Heine, Shivani Shrivastava Host: Deborah Friedman Editor-in-Chief: Markus Wohsmann Production: Tom Malar Marketing and digital promotion: Daniel Montua Living Logistics is produced by the Central Editorial Team and the Digital Communications Team within the Communication, Sustainability & Brand department at Deutsche Post DHL Group in Bonn, Germany. Jobs & Careers at Deutsche Post and DHL: Links: Project Aware Scuba Junkie Malaysia blog

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