Visiting NIO Store in Shanghai, Taikoo Hui

HyperChange goes on the ground in Shanghai to research NIO, the countries hottest EV startup. We were blown away by the luxury & quality of a ~$50K car, equipped with an AI assistant (Nomi), seat massagers, premium leather & a 200+ mile range. What are your thoughts about NIO, is this the real deal?! Become a #HyperChanger & support us on Patreon to receive the exclusive weekly HyperChange Newsletter!! LINK - Old Moonshot Monday that Tesla should launch an AI assistant: LINK - NIO Investor relations site: LINK - NIO F-1 IPO filing: HyperChange Twitter: HyperChange Instagram: HyperChange Facebook: Music by Marko: & Fritz Carlton: // Want more Tesla videos? Check out my friend's channels here: Like Tesla Now You Know Sean Mitchell Teslanomics Disclaimer: This video is purely my opinion and should not be regarded as factual information. I am not a financial advisor. This is not a recommendation to buy or sell securities. Do not assume any facts and numbers in this video are accurate. Always do your own due diligence. As of 02/27/2019 HyperChange host (Galileo Russell) is invested in shares of Tesla (TSLA), Arcimoto (FUV) and long Maker & Bitcoin.

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