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Volume on OS X in smaller steps - QuickTipp

Changing the volume under Mac OS X in general is a very easy thing, Apple here for added multimedia keys and they got integrated quite well. But this also have a downside, the steps are often simple to big. It would not be Apple if there wouldn't be another (hidden) option. There are other key combinations you can use to one-third the steps.nnSame function also works for the lightning keys.nnLook at it and learn also how flexible Mac OS X and how much love they added behind the scene.nnIf you like my videos or have ideas for other videos feel free to contact me or subscribe to my channel.nnOur websites & Infos:nhoTodi | http://hotodi.comnTwitter | | | | http://www.berndsworld.comnPrivate | http://www.berndkorz.dennpowered by

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