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More about Radiation Unit Converter. Radiation Absorbed Dose Learn Technical English with the Multilanguage Unit Converter Videos! Изучаем технический английский с помощью видеосюжетов многоязычного Конвертера единиц! In this video we will talk about radiation. We will discuss its sources and uses, devices for its measurement and the effects of radiation on living creatures. We will talk in more detail about radiation dose and radiation dose rate. There are many uses for ionizing radiation, from energy generation to medical applications in a range of treatments, including treatments of cancer patients. Here we will discuss how ionizing radiation affects human and other biological material, with a focus on the rate at which the tissue is irradiated. In this video we will discuss a subset of radiation, known as ionizing radiation, which is present in our environment. This radiation causes the electrons to separate from atoms and molecules, thus ionizing them. Music: Vyacheslav Zhmurin Keywords: radiation, radiation dose or absorbed dose, radiation dose rate or absorbed dose rate, ionizing radiation, tissue, irradiate, electromagnetic waves, subatomic particle, kinetic energy, propagate (v), matter, vacuum, environment, radioactive substance, granite, uranium, potassium, isotope, mine (v), accident, safety regulations, uranium glass, fluoresce (v), glow (v), bead, black light, density, absorbency, gamma radiation, lead, aluminum, cell, embryo, reproductive tissue, skin, bone, muscle, radiation hormesis, replicate (v), absorbed dose, joule, kilogram, gray, X-ray, beam, equivalent dose, sievert, Geiger counter, scintillation counter, photomultiplier, chemical bond, tissue, DNA, RNA, precondition, nuclear disaster, nuclear testing facility, Russian accent

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