​Road to Dakar 2023: Season 2 Trailer I The next chapter of progress​

Exploring the uncharted. With a successful first run in the @Dakar Rally 2022, Audi is taking its efforts to the next level. Rethinking, reimagining and reinspiring a new generation of motorsport. We are getting ready for the Dakar Rally 2023, taking what we've learned the first time around and pioneering a new concept for Audi even further. Follow us on the road to Dakar 2023 with the redesigned Audi RS Q e-tron E2*.​ ​Discover more: at.audi/dakar-rally23-p1-yt #Audi #FutureIsAnAttitude #RSQetron #RoadtoDakar #AudiDakar -------- *This vehicle shown here is the Rally Dakar vehicle that is not available as a production model. Closed course, professional driver. Do not attempt.

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