Disney's Frozen - Let It Go (Danish S&T) HD

Elsa (Speaking & Singing) - Maria Lucia Heiberg RosenbergnnYou guys.. You are all way too sweet *_* I'm getting so sentimental every time somebody compliments Maria Lucia and even says she is PERFECT as Elsa. I loved Maria Lucia for so, so long and now she's FINALLY getting the attention she deserves. Just wanting to thank you all for your sweet, sweet comments ♥nnThere was one place in the song I really couldn't figure out what she's singing. But I hope you still enjoy. When I first heard the English lyrics I thought: "Man, this is going to be shitty in Danish", but they did a really awesome job! It doesn't sound kiddish as I feared. Hope you enjoy :)nnpowered by alugha.com

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