Avatar Movie New Japanese Trailer!

Avatar is an awesome movie, James Cameron continues to wow the movie industry and the world with groundbreaking innovations, however no Japanese Audio version of Avatar's trailer existed so I created this with the help of some friends, Cathy (who did brilliant seeing as she never spoke Japanese before), Rory, Kurtis and myself Deon who supplied the voices for Jake Sully and Quaritch. Please offer any comments about the trailer, none of us are native Japanese speakers however 4 years ago I lived in Japan for a year and am pretty rusty. See if you can also spot the differences with his previous films........little jokes...nnPlease note this trailer is owned by Fox Studios, I have used the footage but not the soundtrack to create a Japanese version which is used for comparative purposes and therefore doesn't infringe copyright. It can also be classified as a parody.nnpowered by http://alugha.com

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