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This video gives answer to the frequently asked interview question "Is there anything else about you that i should know?". Any prospective job seeker can get an idea about how to answer this interview question by listening to this video. This is probably the perfect way to answer and handle this question in a job interview. nnWhat do they want to hear? nnYou might not think you have anything else left to say—but you'd better have! This is your chance—on a silver platter—to close the sale. You'd be a fool to walk away from it. nnDevelop a short answer to this question, one that plays upon your strengths, accomplishments, skills, and areas of knowledge. nnFor example: n"Mr. Krueger, I think we've covered everything. But I want to re-emphasize the key strengths that I would bring to this position. nn• Experience. The job I'm currently in is quite similar to this one, and I would be excited by the chance to apply what I've learned at WidgetLand to working for your company. nn• Management skills. I run a department almost equal in size to this one. I'm a fair and effective supervisor. nn• A record of success. I've won two prestigious industry awards. I would bring that creativity here. nn• Enthusiasm. I am very excited about the prospect of working with you here at Trikadekaphobia. When do you expect to make a decision? nnThis type of answer should underline the points that you have been trying to make throughout the entire interview. By ending with a question, you ask Mr. Krueger to take some action. This is an effective selling technique that should give you a good indication of your chances of getting the job. nnVariations n nWhy should I hire you? nn nIf you were me, would you hire you? nnSubscribe to our Channel atnhttp://www.youtube.com/theinterviewskillsnnFollow us on our Official Facebook Fanpage atnhttp://www.facebook.com/theinterviewskillsnnLink to this videonhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iRBMMLn-ajI

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