📽️ OBSBOT initial review 📽️

The OBSBOT Tiny is currently $199 on Amazon The OBSBOT Tiny - Tiny size but does it mean a weak product? https://amzn.to/38wnwy7 In this initial review I talk about: 📱The OSBOT Tiny set up process 🔌The OSBOT plug - why oh why? 🧨The OSBOT Tiny mac sofware - oh man 📽️The OSBOT in action - wow!!!!! 🎧 The sound of the OBSBOT 📽️Real video footage from the OBSBOT I recorded this review and audio using just the OBSBOT connected to my Mac, I am pretty pleased with it, and will continue to use it but, let me know your questions about the OBSBOT Tiny and I will gladly answer them. For more reviews and exclusive content sign up for the VIP list https://the.internetbusinessdemystified.com/build-your-business

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