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Linguix - a worthy competitor to Grammarly 👉 Full review and honest thoughts on Linguix from a native speaker! ➡️Grab Linguix LTD Deal here 👉 ➡️Watch My Honest Linguix Review and discover why I think everyone who writes online needs this Writing is a skill we all need to perfect, and believe it or not native speakers can be the worst writers!! On a daily basis you may be writing: emails blog posts reviews letters and more.... But how well do you write and what are the common mistakes you may not see (believe it or not our eyes see things that are not there.) Up to this point there was little or no competition to Grammarly - they were the king, but now there's a new player in town (well, the new player has been here a while but...) So let's look at the key features of Linguix. Key Features of Linguix 👉 Checks your spelling and grammar on the fly as you type in your browser 👉 Works with Google Docs, email clients, websites (depending ), chat programs and more 👉 Automatically detects errors in both grammar and spelling 👉 Helps you with synonyms (what's another word for that word!) 👉 Tells you the readability of a document 👉 Gives you info on how long it will take to read and speak the document! 👉 Ability to save snippets and use templates 👉 Lots of information about grammatical rules and common spelling mistakes Allows you to give to two other users!!! Linguix - how easy is it to use? Install the Chrome plugin and that's it, it goes off and does its thing. Can’t get easier than that can it! Linguix cons 🔺Right now it seems to not work with Safari 🔺Some have said they want it to have a plagiarism checker (not a biggie for me!) Conclusion Linguix is so simple to use and picks up so many errors you might have that for $49 bucks you can't go wrong, and it will pay itself back in days. ➡️Grab Linguix From my link below 👉

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