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Facebook - download personal datas and pictures from your profile - hoTodi's 2Eleven #2 shows how it works. Over the time you collect a lot of datas inside your Facebook profile. So how to download it all in once to store it again on your harddisk? For this case Facebook offers a very smart tool to its users, you can initialize an archiving of all your datase. Once you started this Facebook will collect everything and create a (maybe) huge archive for you, depending on the content of your profile (pictures, videos, text...) it can of course take minutes or even hours. Once the archive is created you will get a notification with a download link.nnMusic by cayzland studiosnnIf you have any suggestions for a video then just let me know, so maybe i have time and i am in the mood, then i may do a video for you :)nnOur pages and infos:nhoTodi | http://www.hotodi.comnTwitter | | | | | http://www.berndsworld.comnPrivate | http://www.berndkorz.dennpowered by

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