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3. GIVEAWAY DBPOWER EX5000ActionCamera (OPEN) Hey First of all I want to thank you for passing the huge milestone of 200 Subscribers. I couldn’t have done it without you and I still can’t really believe that there are 200 people out there that enjoy watching my videos. You already figured out that you can win an actioncam this time. But not the one from the intro, because that is mine. DBPOWER was kind enough to sponsor this video by sending out a completely new one that hasn’t been unpacked. But before I tell you how you can win this ActionCam, I am going to tell you one more thing. Unfortunately the text in the intro is german but from now on you have the possibility to watch my videos in two languages! Thats right two languages. That is possible through a browser extension or plugin from a company called alugha. To enjoy my future videos in english and german you just need to install that Plugin. After that you can just choose your favorite language through the player on youtube. To chose a different language you just need to click on the globe and chose your favorite language. But how can you win this ActionCamera now? First of all it is very important, that you are a subscriber of my channel, since this giveaway is just for my subscribers. So if you are not a subscriber yet, just subscribe to be able to take part in my giveaway. Then you just need to do one thing to win this Actioncam. Like the Video and tell me in the comments below why you want to win this Camera. What would you do with it ? You can comment as many times as you want to raise your chances to win, since every comment is counted as one lottery ticket. But your comments shouldnt repeat themselves, since youtube marks those as spam. If you want to help me to provide more cool giveaways like this one, tell your friends and let them take part in the lottery as well. The winners will be announced on my YouTube page, on my facebook Fan page and on Twitter. So make sure that you follow me on one of these platforms, to if you are the lucky winner. YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: After picking a winner you have 7 Days to contact me! If you don’t , I have to pick another winner. I wish you the best of luck and fun on my YouTube Channel. Alle Specs for the camera: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Music provided by NCS ( Artist: SirensCeol ➞ SoundCloud ➞ Facebook ➞ Twitter

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