Scream 4: Official

On the night of the fifteenth anniversary of the Woodsboro murders, high school students Jenny Randall and Marnie Cooper are attacked and brutally murdered by a new Ghostface.nnThe next day, Sidney Prescott returns to her hometown to promote her new book with her publicist Rebecca Walters. After evidence is found in Sidney's rental car, Sidney becomes a suspect in the murders and must stay in town until the murders are solved. Sidney's teenage cousin Jill, who is dealing with the betrayal of her ex-boyfriend, Trevor Sheldon, gets a threatening phone call from Ghostface, as does her friend Olivia Morris. Jill and Olivia, alongside their friend Kirby Reed, are questioned about their calls by Dewey Riley, who is now the sheriff of the town, with assistance from Judy Hicks. Meanwhile Gale Weathers-Riley, who is now married to Dewey, is struggling with writer's block. She decides that the new Ghostface murders could revamp her career and begins delving into the case despite Dewey's protests.nnSidney stays with Jill and her aunt Kate Roberts. Later that night, Olivia, who lives next door, is attacked and killed by Ghostface as Jill and Kirby watch in horror through Jill's bedroom window. Sidney and Jill rush to the house, but the killer attacks and injures them and gets away; both are taken to the hospital. In the hospital's parking garage, Ghostface murders Rebecca. Gale then enlists the help of two high school movie fanatics, Charlie Walker and Robbie Mercer, who explain that the killer is following the rules of movie remakes to plan the murders. Charlie concludes that the killer will likely strike at a party being held that night. Gale goes to the party to investigate and is attacked by Ghostface before Dewey arrives; he takes her to the hospital. Meanwhile, two police officers assigned to protect Jill are attacked and murdered by Ghostface. Kate, meanwhile, arrives home as Sidney receives a phone call threatening to murder Jill, causing the two to attempt to save her as Jill does not answer her phone. Ghostface is revealed to be outside of the house and stabs Kate in the back through the front door's mail slot, killing her. Sidney then runs into a suspicious Judy whilst escaping from the house and heads to Kirby's house to save Jill.nnGhostface appears at the party and kills a drunken Robbie soon before Sidney arrives at the house. During a confrontation with Ghostface, Sidney instructs Jill to hide under a bed upstairs, while she narrowly escapes Ghostface. Kirby is forced to answer horror movie trivia to save Charlie, who is tied up outside. After she answers Ghostface's questions, she goes outside to untie Charlie, believing that she has won the game. He suddenly stabs her in the stomach and reveals himself as the Ghostface killer, leaving her for dead. Sidney is confronted by Charlie and a second Ghostface, who is revealed as Jill. It was Charlie and Jill, who were behind the killings, and making snuff videos out of them. Jill tells Sidney that she was jealous of her fame of surviving the murders in the first film. She betrays Charlie and stabs him, and shoots Trevor for cheating on her, killing them both, intending to pin Charlie as Trevor's accomplice. Jill stabs Sidney in the stomach. She then trashes the house and mutilates herself in order to stage the scene. Dewey, Judy, and the rest of the police then stumble upon the carnage.nnJill is then taken to the hospital to be treated. Dewey visits Jill, who believes she is the sole survivor and talks about writing about it with Gale as they have matching wounds. Dewey tells her Sidney is still alive and likely to survive though she is in intensive care. Jill is shocked that Sidney has survived but Dewey mistakes this for concern and reassures her that everything will be all right even if Sidney can't remember what happened. Dewey then visits Gale and talks about Jill's plans for a collaboration and Gale realises there is no reason that she should know she was also injured in the shoulder. Meanwhile Jill has made her way to Sidney's room to finish her off but is unable to complete the task. During the fight, Dewey was running to Sidney's room, he is knocked out by Jill with an iron basin. Then, Gale arrives only to be held at gunpoint by Jill, but Judy intervenes and saves her. Jill uses Sidney as a hostage to force Judy to drop her gun before shooting her. However, Gale distracts Jill enough to give Sidney the chance to shock her with a defibrillator. After Sidney goes to take care injured Dewey, Jill tries to get back up and kill her, but Sidney manages to fatally shoot her. Finally, Judy stands up to reveal that she was wearing a bulletproof vest before slipping down, and Dewey calls in all police units, as media reporters outside confirm Jill as a survivor and a "hero, right out of the movies".

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