The Story of William Li - Founder of NIO

His company has been gaining tremendous momentum in recent months, catching the eyes of many in the investment community. Yet for far too long, he's remained behind the scenes. It's time I present to you, the story of the man behind NIO, William Li Bin. SOURCES/CREDITS Websites: Video Footage: 大江大河 创业时代 遇见大咖 A Glance in Beijing - Anyu Xu Steve Jobs 2015 Movie Joe Rogan Podcast Mobike Commercial Youtube References: @瓦力 @董买买 @Car Reviews Tao @Anyu Xu @Radugadesign Others: CNBC ROYLAB STATS Channel 9 NEWS CCTV 1 综合 CCTV 2 财经 Wall Street Journal FORBES YAHOO Finance TESLA

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