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Let’s wave to say thank you

At DHL we want to propose you something really special. From now on, whenever you come across a truckman or messenger all we ask you is to wave them, so they will know everything they have done for us, all their sacrifice was worthy. Subscribe to our channel: Find us on

The Evolution of the DHL Parcelcopter

Ever since the DHL Parcelcopter debuted with its maiden flight in 2013, we’ve been working to integrate it into real-life logistics situations. Watch the video to see how the Parcelcopter is delivering medicine to a remote island in northern Germany and consumer packages to a mountain village in Bav

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From drawing her first rain boot sketch on a napkin, to exporting her products around the world, Maria Quintero has evolved her small Panamanian business Undercover Boots, into a global business that knows no limits. She has paired her passion of footwear and culture to create unique and innovative