NIO Stock Price Predictions Going Forward - This Is BIG.

This is on the NIO stock price predictions going forward. Join our private community over at Patreon to talk Tesla and other EV stocks that could grow your portfolio to new levels. I will have exclusive materials as we move forward and my own stock purchases. That and I could really use the financial support to help this channel. :)Many investors want to know if NIO stock is a buy. I answer that question in the video with some good NIO stock analysis. I use the latest NIO stock news to help figure out the best NIO stock price prediction moving forward. This NIO stock price analysis digs into some of the latest news coming out of China and the new tech they are rolling out. After watching the video, you should be able to see if the NIO stock price is at a fair level. The NIO stock price predictions that I give in the video will help investors moving forward in figuring out if NIO is worth adding to their portfolio. Please consider subscribing to get NIO stock updates and NIO stock price predictions to help you stay on top of where NIO is going. If you are wondering if NIO stock is a buy, this should help answer that questions. I use the NIO stock chart and NIO technical analysis to find opportunities for this company moving forward. The NIO stock price is affected by all EV's out there. Tesla stock price is also mentioned in the video multiple times. When comparing NIO vs. Tesla, you get to see that they are very similar. The Tesla stock price has moved in similar directions as the NIO stock price. You can see from the NIO q2 earnings that things are going in the right direction for NIO. The Tesla stock price will also benefit from them as well. NIO options, NIO stock, and NIO futures all look to be some of the best in China and possibly in the EV market as a whole. Is NIO stock price where it needs to be for us to add it in to our portfolio? I think the NIO stock price prediction I made in the video shows what we should do going forward. Looking at NIO earnings should reinforce this opinion. NIO is a good EV stock to buy now. NIO stock price has increased by 12 times over it's October 2019 price. This makes NIO stock price predictions even more important for us investors. Looking at NIO stock price predictions for 2021, I see it doubling in market cap. There are more NIO charging stations popping up around China. Looking at those NIO stock review and also all the NIO stock forecasts out there, I can easily see that others are adding this stock to their portfolios. When looking at NIO versus Tesla, there are many differences, but some similarities as well. Tesla is leading all other EV's, but NIO stock price has the advantage of the Chinese government backing them with a billion dollar infusion. This and other reasons are why the NIO stock is a strong buy from me. The NIO stock valuation in my mind is set at a fair price based on the information I could find about the NIO stock price and earnings. There is a lot of NIO news out there for those looking to research NIO going forward. The EV market is growing and NIO stock is looking to lead in China. We will see what Tesla does to combat it. One of the main strengths of the NIO stock price and company is the ways that a NIO customer can charge their car after purchasing it. NIO has a subscription based battery for $141, which makes the NIO EC 6 much cheapter to buy. It is about $10,000 cheaper per NIO car. To sum up this video on NIO stock price predictions going forward, NIO stock is looking good to add to my portfolio. The NIO battery swap is a nice option for those buying their EC 6 NIO cars. NIO is looking to continue their growth in China. All opinions expressed in the video and this description are for entertainment only. You should consult a licensed professional before buying any stocks. Everything in this YouTube channel is for entertainment only. I also have affiliate links in this description that I can earn money off of to help support the channel.

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