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"A Whole New World" Latin Spanish

Yo te quiero enseñarn[I want to show you]nnEste mundo espléndido,n[This splendid world]nnVen princesa y deja a tu corazón soñar.n[Come, princess, and let your heart dream]nnYo te puedo mostrarn[I can show you]nnCosas maravillosas,n[Wonderful things]nnCon la magia de mi alfombran[With the magic of my carpet]nnvamos a volar...n[Let´s fly]nnUn mundo ideal, será fantástico encontrar,n[An ideal world, it will be fantastic to find]nnNadie que diga no, o a donde ir,n[No one to say no, or where to go,]nnA aquellos que se aman.n[To those who love each other]nnJASMINnnUn mundo ideal,n[An ideal world]nnTan deslumbrante y nuevo,n[So stunning and new]nnDonde ya vi al subir, con claridad,n[Where I have now seen while riding this carpet, with clarity]nnQue ahora en un mundo ideal estoy...n[That now I am in an ideal world]nnALADDINnAhora en un mundo ideal estoy...n[I´m in an ideal world now]nnJASMINnFabulosa visión, sentimiento divino,n[Fabulous view, divine feeling]nnBaja y sube y vuela hacia celestial región...n[Going down and up and flying towards the celestial region]nnUn mundo ideal...n[An ideal world]nnALADDINnMira bien lo que hay...n[Take a good look at what there is]nnJASMINnAllí mil cosas voy a ver...n[I will see thousands of things there]nnALADDINnConteniendo el aliento...n[Holding your breath]nnJASMINnSoy como azul estrella que se van[I am like a blue star that is leaving]nny nunca será igual ya otra vez...n[And I´ll never be the same again]nnALADDINnUn mundo ideal...n[An ideal world]nnJASMINnCada vuelta es sorpresa...n[Every turn a surprise]nnALADDINnUn horizonte nuevo abrir...n[A new horizon to open]nnJASMINnCada instante un relato...n[Every instant a story]nnALADDIN & JASMINnHay que seguir sin fin, hasta el confín,n[We must continue endlessly, towards the boundaries]nnjuntos en un mundo ideal tu y yo...n[You and I together in an ideal world]nnALADDINnUn mundo ideal...n[An ideal world]nnJASMINnUn mundo ideal...n[An ideal world]nnALADDINnQue compartir...n[To share]nnJASMINnQue compartir...n[To share]nnALADDINnQue alcanzar...n[Waiting to be reached]nnJASMINnQue contemplar...n[To contemplate]nnALADDIN & JASMINnTu junto a mí....n[You beside me]nnpowered by

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